Frequently asked questions.

Download the app now and see a GP straight away.

It’s largely the same. You’ll discuss your symptoms and our GP may examine symptoms visually or by listening. You’ll get a prescription too if you need one.

There’s a large button in our app that will call our friendly 24/7 team. They’ll book the appointment for you. Easy!

It’s quick and easy. With no need for paper prescriptions, we’ll deliver your medication to your work or home. You can even collect it from your favourite pharmacy if you prefer.

It’s secure because electronic prescriptions are only ever seen by the NHS and your pharmacy.

It just means that your local surgery is up to date with whatever ailments you’ve experienced so they maintain a complete picture of your health and can continue your care if needed.

Not at all. Quick Doctors is a service which works with your current GP service. Joining us will not de-register you from your local service.

Our GPs are NHS trained and General Medical Council (GMC) registered just like your local NHS surgery.

On the rare occasion that an online service cannot help, you’ll still be able to attend your local surgery.

If you’re listed on NHS records, you’re eligible.

When you book, you’ll be offered a video or regular telephone appointment. Our GP will call you at a designated time. You’ll also be able to send the GP any images that may help with your treatment.

A majority find that 10 minutes is adequate. However, unlike many other providers, we don’t charge should the appointment run over if your needs are more complicated.

Anyone registered with the NHS can use this service. Though under 18s must have a guardian present.

Quick Doctors should NEVER be used in medical emergencies.


If you think that your circumstances are, or might become, an emergency, you should IMMEDIATELY CALL 999 or go STRAIGHT TO NHS ACCIDENT & EMERGENCY in all critical or life-threatening situations, such as:


  • Possible heart attack or stroke
  • Acute confused state
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fits/seizures that won’t stop
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Severe bleeding
  • Severe chest pain

For iOS (Apple) devices, either click here or search for ‘Quick Doctors’ in the App Store. For Android devices, either click here or search for ”Quick Doctors’ in Google Play.

Certainly, we’ll let you know about availability so you can decide.

If our GPs think you need a physical examination, we’ll refer you to your local GP.

Quick Doctors can assist with children if you have opted for the family plan and if they are with their parent or guardian.

To call our team and arrange an appointment, you’ll need the app.

However, you can choose the method for the GP to call you back – this could be via traditional phone call; video call on mobile or desktop.

To run the app you need:

Compatible Apple mobile devices running iOS 9 and above.

These devices include: iPhone 4s and above, iPad Mini 2, iPod Touch (5th Generation), iPad 2 and above. Some older generation devices are no longer compatible (iPhone 4). Get the iOS app from the App Store

Android devices running on 4.4 (KitKat) or newer. Get the Android app from the Google Play Store

Absolutely – email our support team to arrange an email or SMS text appointment.

Your QuickDoctor may issue a prescription if required. There’s no additional charge if you’re registered with the NHS. We can arrange for the medicine to be delivered to your home or work for a small fee.

If you prefer to collect your medicine, your script will be sent electronically to your favourite pharmacy. It will usually be ready on the same day.

Yes, we’re open on Bank Holidays, late night and Sundays but please note that we’re reliant on pharmacy opening times. We’ll do our best to find you ‘out of hours’ solutions.

The same as usual – let the pharmacist know you’re picking up a prescription.

You’ll be asked to pay standard NHS prescription charges, unless you’re exempt.

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