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1. Download the app and register

Use either Android or Apple link to download the app and simply follow the setup prompts.

No, we’re ready straight away or whenever you need us.

2. Book an appointment

Call via the app and our helpful team will book you a same day appointment 24/7 – even on weekends and bank holidays.

Just like a regular GP, our online GP service is legally and ethically bound to maintain your privacy and confidentiality. Your information is encrypted with SSL technology.

Pretty much any physical or mental health condition that does not require emergency treatment or a physical test. That said, we can examine symptoms visually.

3. Consult our doctors online

Engage effortlessly with our GPs via video or phone chat, with options to send messages, pictures and emails.

It’ll be exactly the same as seeing a regular GP but without the travel, inconvenience and waiting around.

Discuss your symptoms with our online GP, they will ask questions, possibly examine you via photo or video before suggesting treatment.

Again, just like a regular GP, you could receive private prescriptions, referrals, sick notes and/or advice.

It’s quick and easy. With no need for paper prescriptions, we’ll deliver your medication to your work or home. You can even collect it from your favourite pharmacy if you prefer.

It’s secure because electronic prescriptions are only ever seen by the NHS and your pharmacy.

Yes, depending on the types of medication involved.

Incredible Value

Personal Plan

£ 9
  • Unlimited consultations home and abroad

Family Plan

£ 14
  • Unlimited consultations home and abroad

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